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One of the solidest tree in the world is a tree widely known as Narra and grows densely in the Philippines. Its scientific name is the Pterocarpus. It is also known in other countries as the New Guinea Rosewood or Malay Paduak. Others call it Pashu Padauk. Among other countries aside from Philippines, the Narra is also found in Indonesia, China, Papua New Guinea and Malaysia.

The tree grows up from thirty up to forty meters high. It has a trunk with an average of two meters in diameter. It is a deciduous tree that is very large in structure. Its leaves are usually 12-22 centimeters long. The pinnate has 5 up to 11 leaflets with a girth that is 12 to 34 meters wide. The flowers of the narra grows in panicles which is 6 to 13 centimeters long. This panicle contains fe to some flowers. The months of the flowering of the Narra depends on the country where it grows. In Philippines the flowering takes place starting from February to May. The flowers are fragrant but only slightly. The... read more
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Basically, the Aswang is a Filipino folklore mythical creature. According to myths it has a vampire-like nature. It has other names such as the "wak-wak" and "tik-tik". It has been subject to and a hopeless explanation to so many unsolved stories in the Philippines. Especially in the 16th century, even the Spanish colonists has noticed that it was the Aswang which terrified the Filipinos most. It is known in the entire country and feared except for the Ilocos regions where the myth does not have an existing story to be told. The most popular regions where the Aswang myth is found is in places like Capiz, Negros, Aklan, Antique, Masbate and Bohol.

The term Aswang is generally used to define all kinds of vampires, monsters and witches. Originally it was used as a term for a were-dog myth. Dog in Tagalog is Aso where the name takes its origins. The were-dog myth used to be an easter of the dead which consumes cadavers and replaces the bodies with banana trunks. The stories on Aswa... read more
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"we remember when we r in need"

im not quite sure buT most of us remember our friends when we need them. The same is true with our relationship to God

when do we remember God?
The question is not hard to answer right?
Remembering God maybe in terms of pRayer, a silent pause of meditation of His word, pRaise and worShip and thanks giving. BuT among these, pRayer maybe the most common term.

How do u remember Him?It lies to your own experience. BuT as an observer, these are the instances:
when we are haPpy. Example are those i've seen in t.v who won on gameshows yeLLing 'thank you Lord!' buT this statement is sometimes made as an exPresSion,not coming from heart. They only recognize God for the moment. It's not no Good. Just go deeper to what i mean. Parang ganito lng, kasing simple pag nagugulat tayo o napapamura, worSt instance is,unecesSary words sometimes are exclaimed. And this is what i mean 'just an xpRession'

When we are sad and in neeD:
we ... read more
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Vacation is always the first thing that comes to mind to people who have been under a lot of stress in work and personal life. Most people want to go to places where they can relax and have peace of mind. Some prefer places that are close to nature to enjoy the scenery and refreshing breeze the place brings. Some choose beaches to spend their holiday together with their families. If this is what you have in mind, then the Philippines is for you as the country can provide different places right for these kinds of cravings.

Beauty Of Nature

Philippines is one of the countries in the world known for the beautiful beaches. A well known beach not only in the Philippines but in the world is Boracay located in the Visayan Region. Its long and white sand beaches attract most of the tourists. It was made from Puka shells that were washed from the sea to the shore. Boracay has these clear blue waters which people can enjoy swimming in. In fact for this year, it ousted Santorini, Gr... read more
by: magTXT
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Clear blue sky
Oh! We want to fly
For we are always in low
Because of this bitter blow

Where are you mom and dad?
Why you have left us in this bloody flood?
We don’t understand, We are the gift from above
Sadly, we are in the street living from other’s love

Look around you
Their actions were few
Too blind to see,
Is this the reality?

Peace on earth, a better world
Not in action, only a word
A goal for the common good
Yet, their heart is not in mood

Tender, loving care
This is our little dare
Is this too much or just fair?
Help us! We are too young for this nightmare.
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sometimes you need to experience everything so that you would learn.

there's no easy way in living life so live it as it is..

and don't miss the chances life is giving you because the most important things are not "THINGS" at all

most of the time, they are "PEOPLE" making your life worth living.
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It's difficult finding true and honest people these days.. so instead of
looking for one, "BE THE ONE"
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Missing someone you once had.. is like removing a ring at your finger that you have worn for very long.. it feels like its still there.. but it's not..
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The oldest ever made university existing in the Philippines is found in Manila. It is also famous for being the largest in the city and also being a Pontifical University, the only one of its own in Asia. It is considered one of the largest Catholic universities in the world. Aside from that, UST is... read more
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The Tubbataha name originates from a Samal word which means "a large reef bare to the low tides". Because of their nomadic lifestyle the Samal people of the sea frequently visited the large reef and would live there temporarily.

The Tubbataha Reef of the Sulu Sea in the Philippines is an atol... read more
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The Philippines’ southernmost city is known as the General Santos City mostly abbreviated as GenSan. It is a greatly developed city being classified as one of the first class in the country. The city is surrounded by other eminent ones such as Alabel, Maasim and municipalities of the Province of Sar... read more
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Missing someone you once had.. is like removing a ring at your finger that you have worn for very long.. it feels like its still there.. but it's not..
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All problems have solutions. If there are no solutions then that is not a PROBLEM..
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Ten years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.